Saturday, April 14, 2007

Infosys Results

Infosys has announced its results. It made approximately $3.2B last year with 72,000 employees. That amounts to approximately $44,000 per employee. That’s an improvement from the previous year where it made approximately $40,000 per employee. It plans to add approximately 25,000 people this year alone. Assuming a steady increase in the revenue per employee at the current rate of 10% per year, and assuming a steady increase of 25,000 employees per year, Infosys will be making $8.3 B for 2010-11 employing 170,000 people.

Total output of IT-ITES will be approximately $90B by 2010 (I am being optimistic compared to NASSCOM’s projections), where Infosys will be contributing 10% of it.

While this trend is encouraging, it is not good enough. I keep saying this- we need to look at better and efficient ways to bring in money into this country. Those companies need not be confined to electronics, computer or IT related. One could look at other companies that are based in technology and research. For example, Biogen Idec, a US based healthcare company which makes discoveries in therapies make $2.4 B with 3,300 employees. That’s approximately $700,000 per person.


Anonymous said...

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Darpan said...

We need all kinds of jobs for 1B+ population. We need services, product, agri and all kinds of jobs to keep all these brains busy.

Along with the Biogens, Microsofts and Googles; US also had Accentures, IBMs, EDSs, McKinseys and Bains.

Are you ready to accept their coexistense?

Sujai K said...

Yes, we need all kinds of jobs. I am not discouraging that aspect here.

I am just saying that the current IT-ITES alone is not good enough to make India wealthy enough.